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A discovery! This is how Lina reviews our clinic.

Encouraged by good reviews, she contacted us and found what is important for any patient:
– professionalism,
– advice on how to take care of her teeth,
– help in choosing dental care products,
– a warm approach to the patient,
– sincere care.
Thank you for your trust and warm words.

We are happy to help our patients to keep their teeth healthy and beautiful as long as possible. We do our best to make sure that they are happy to come back when needed.

„I’ve been here several times – everything is just wonderful!
21st century technological solutions, thoroughness, professionalism, free coffee and chocolate.
Nice music and love for their work, I could go on and on…
The staff clearly are in their element.
10 points, highly recommended!”

Vytautas Kirsnys
Google review

„Extremely pleasant and professional service, cosy and modern and tastefully furnished environment. I recommend it to everyone!”

Vykintas Štorys

„I am very satisfied with my choice to have my teeth treated in Madentis clinic.
I have been here four times already – doctor Rasa is very professional, attentive to the anaesthesia, so you can practically nap during the procedure.
I also really liked the oral hygiene service – I recommend it! „

Agnis Vaičiūnas
Google testimonial

„Only the sincerest recommendations!
A modern clinic, excellent service and guaranteed quality of procedures.
My sincere thanks to the doctor Rasa Jasūdienė and her assistant Gendvilė Briedytė Umbražiūnė.
See you soon, from now on I will visit only you!”

Yndrė Šarkė
Facebook testimonial

„A clean, cosy dental clinic that is always a pleasure to come back to, because you know that your teeth will be taken care of thoroughly, everything will be explained, and that inspires confidence.
Thank you, doctor Rasa and her assistant Gendvilė! I recommend!”

Laura Jankaitytė
Facebook testimonial

„An amazing clinic in every sense. First of all, professionalism, attentiveness, thoroughness. Very friendly and pleasant environment, you feel at home. I came here after finding Madentis clinic on the internet… Now I am 100% happy with my choice.
I have no doubt that this will be my family’s clinic❤️
Thanks a lot to the wonderful team!!!”

Lina Stulgienė
Facebook testimonial

„A very cosy and comfortable clinic. I would like to highly recommend hygienist Gendvilė! She was gentle, very delicate and thorough. As I am quite a sensitive person, I left with a smile on my face for the first time after the hygiene! I know I’ll be coming back!”

Agnė Duškinaitė
Facebook testimonial

„I would like to thank the wonderful doctors Rasa and Dainora, as well as the assistant Gendvilė, for their high level of professionalism, golden hands and kind hearts.
Thank you for your smile, attention and sincere attitude towards your patients.
You are wonderful people and professionals with a capital letter.”

Agnieška Strolienė
Facebook testimonial

„My sincere THANK YOU to doctor Dainora Jankauskaitė!
She is a wonderful surgeon, she was very thorough, explained everything, gave very good anaesthesia and performed the operation – the extraction of the wisdom tooth went flawlessly! Very professional, but at the same time kind, sincere in her communication and always with a smile! Thank you Dainora and the team!”

Diana Zagainova
Facebook testimonial

„A super clinic! Dainora pulled out my wisdom tooth, I didn’t even know how she did it. And the wonderful Rasa and Gentvilė made my smile beautiful! Caring, attention, professionalism and great friendliness. I felt at home. I really recommend it! You can also ask in person.”

Rolandas Meilus
Google review