Oral surgery

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If you notice irregular growth of a wisdom tooth, a severely damaged tooth or a developing infection, you should contact an oral surgeon as soon as possible.

Oral surgery covers a very wide range of dental procedures: from tooth extraction to dental implants, gum grafts or jaw reconstruction.

When is oral surgery necessary?

Oral surgery is performed when a severely damaged tooth, an irregularly erupting or an impacted wisdom tooth has to be removed.
An oral surgeon also deals with dental implants, soft tissue or bone reconstructive procedures such as tongue or lip flap surgery, removal of cysts, exostoses, small salivary glands, sinus lifts, bone augmentation surgery and more.

Why choose Madentis clinic for oral surgery?

A professional and attentive oral surgeon at our clinic will explain in detail what is going to happen during the procedure and will make sure that you feel as calm and comfortable as possible, and that the procedure goes smoothly and quickly.

What happens if I don’t visit an oral surgeon in time?

  • An infection that starts in mouth can be spread throughout the body by blood and cause inflammation in kidneys, heart and lungs.

  • Delaying surgical treatment can lead to pain, bad breath and changes in the appearance of the teeth and mouth.

  • The loss of teeth and failure to restore them in time can lead to damage to the jawbone and to facial changes.


I would like to thank the wonderful doctors of the clinic, Rasa and Dainora,

as well as the assistant Gendvilė, for their high level of professionalism, golden hands and kind hearts.
Thank you for your smile, attention and sincere attitude towards your patients.
You are wonderful people and professionals.

Agnieška Strolienė

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Oral surgery

Service Price, €
Oral surgery consultation 29
Tooth extraction 59
Removal of a loose tooth 39
Complex removal of a permanent or wisdom tooth 99
Extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth 119-149
Exposure of an unerupted tooth 149
Removal of a deciduous tooth 19-39
Removal of an implant 159
Placement of a fistula (after tooth extraction) into the sinus 89
Clinical crown lengthening 79
Cystectomy from the bone (without root resection) 99-199
Cystectomy with root resection and retrograde filling (1 tooth) 299
Removal of small exostoses 99
Removal of large exostoses 249
Removal of minor salivary gland cysts 119
Tongue flap plastic surgery 89
Lip flap plastic surgery 99
Plastic surgery of the oral vestibule 149
Histological examination of the removed formation in the laboratory 29
Closed sinus lift surgery 199
Open sinus lift surgery 999
Creation of fixed gingiva at the implant (transpalatal – 1 day) 249
Bone restoration at the implant with substitute materials 299-999
Bone restoration with (autogenous) bone graft 1099-1499
Surgical suture placement 9
Treatment of alveolitis, pericoronitis 19
Incision 29
Healing care and suture removal 19



How much in advance should I schedule an appointment?

You should schedule a dentist appointment as soon as you experience pain or other discomforting symptoms. If the pain is severe, call immediately: we will find time on the same day. For preventive examinations and oral hygiene, schedule 1-2 appointments a year at a time convenient for you.

What determines the price?

The price of treatment is specified after assessment of the condition of the teeth. We always discuss alternative treatments and implements in advance, so the patient can choose and decide .

Are your services covered by a warranty period?

The dentists working in the clinic are skilled and competent; they take great care to ensure that the patient feels as good as possible after dental treatment. We give warranties too.

Is it convenient to come to the clinic and park a car?

Going to your appointment, you don’t want to worry about availability of parking space or travel in general. Car and public transport are both convenient for reaching the clinic, and you can find a parking space in the “green” parking area next to the clinic.