Dental treatment

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Dental treatment includes filling, root canal treatment and other procedures your dentist chooses after consideration of condition of your teeth, daily oral care and overall health.

When is this treatment necessary?

We recommend a preventive visit to the dentist 1-2 times a year. However, you should contact the clinic immediately if you experience toothache or any other discomfort in your oral cavity or notice visible changes in your smile.

Why get this treatment at the Madentis clinic?

Although most people are not excited about a visit to the dentist, a preventive visit will always help avoiding more serious problems with teeth or oral cavity. Prevention is the best treatment. At our clinic, dentists will always welcome you on your appointment, provide examination and advise on how to properly care for your teeth, and in case of major problems, they will advise you on which treatment to choose.

What will happen if you delay the treatment?

  • If left untreated, teeth condition and oral diseases may affect your overall health.

  • Poor condition of teeth may trouble your daily activities such as eating, talking, and smiling.


I am very satisfied with my choice to have my teeth treated in Madentis clinic.

I have been here four times already – doctor Rasa is very professional, attentive to the anaesthesia, so you can practically nap during the procedure.
Also, I really liked the oral hygiene service – I recommend it!

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Tooth filling

Service Price, €
Doctor’s consultation 15
Doctor’s consultation including development of a detailed treatment plan 29
Tooth filling
small filling 59
medium filling 69
large filling 89
Aesthetic filling from 150
Functional filling 109
Dental crown restoration 119
Temporary filling 29
Polishing of the filling 12
Dental anesthesia 8
Tooth x-ray 8
Dental dam 8
Disposable items 8
Urgent pain treatment 39


Aesthetic prosthetics and filling

Service Price, €
Ceramic laminate (depending on complexity and quantity) 499-699
Tooth wax-up 29
Aesthetic filling from 150


Surgical treatment

Service Price, €
Tooth extraction 59
Complicated tooth extraction 99
Surgical tooth extraction 119-149
Cyst removal (depending on size and complexity) 99-199
Implant removal 159
Incision, treatment of alveolitis, pericoronitis 29


Root canal treatment

Service Price, €
Cleaning and shaping of root canal 39
Filling of root canal 39
Replacement of medication 29


Children dental treatment


Service Price, €
Primary tooth filling
small filling 45
large filling 55
Primary tooth filling and root canal treatment 69
Primary tooth removal 19-39
Introducing the clinic to the child 19
Preventive examination, school certificate 15
Individual hygiene training 15
Professional oral hygiene for children 39
Sealing the tooth 15



How much in advance should I schedule an appointment?

You should schedule a dentist appointment as soon as you experience pain or other discomforting symptoms. If the pain is severe, call immediately: we will find time on the same day. For preventive examinations and oral hygiene, schedule 1-2 appointments a year at a time convenient for you.

What determines the price?

The price of treatment is specified after assessment of the condition of the teeth. We always discuss alternative treatments and implements in advance, so the patient can choose and decide .

Are your services covered by a warranty period?

The dentists working in the clinic are skilled and competent; they take great care to ensure that the patient feels as good as possible after dental treatment. We give warranties too.

Is it convenient to come to the clinic and park a car?

Going to your appointment, you don’t want to worry about availability of parking space or travel in general. Car and public transport are both convenient for reaching the clinic, and you can find a parking space in the “green” parking area next to the clinic.