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Tooth filling

Service Price, €
Doctor’s consultation 19
Doctor’s consultation including development of a detailed treatment plan 29
Tooth filling
small filling 69
medium filling 79
large filling 89
Aesthetic filling from 150
Functional filling 99-129
Dental crown restoration 119
Temporary filling 29
Polishing of the filling 12
Dental anesthesia 8
Tooth x-ray 8
Dental dam 8
Disposable items 8
Urgent pain treatment 39


Professional oral hygiene

Service Price, €
Professional oral hygiene 79-89
Professional oral hygiene for children 45
Fluoride varnish for 1-3 teeth 15
Fluoride varnish for all teeth 29
Individual oral hygiene training and selection of products 15
Dental sealant 15
Tooth decoration 59


Teeth whitening

Service Price, €
Professional teeth whitening with Beyond whitening system 189
Single jaw whitening tray 79
Whitening trays for both jaws 149
Enlighten whitening system 149
Opalascence whitening gel 19


Dental prosthetics

Service Price, €
Doctor’s consultation including development of a comprehensive treatment plan 39
Prosthetics on your own teeth
Zirconium oxide crown in the area of posterior teeth 349
Zirconium oxide crown in the area of posterior teeth (more than 3 pcs.) 309
Zirconium ceramic e-max crown in the area of posterior teeth 389
Zirconium ceramic, e-max crown in the area of posterior teeth (more than 3 pcs.) 349
Zirconium ceramic, e-max crown in the area of anterior teeth 499
Dental veneers (depending on complexity and quantity) 499-650
Ceramic onlay/inlay 389


Dental implantation

Service Price, €
Doctor’s consultation regarding implantation 39
Implantation with Osstem implant 599
Implantation with Strauman implant 699-799
Placement of healing abutment after implant integration 59
Production and placement of the custom healing abutment (planned during the consultation) 249
Bone augmentation (depending on size and complexity) 1099-1499
Soft tissue augmentation (depending on size and complexity) 149-399
Sinus lift surgery (depending on size and complexity) 799-999


Implant prosthetics

Service Price, €
Zirconium oxide crown on implant in the area of posterior teeth (with standard abutment) 529
Zirconium ceramic crown on implant in the area of anterior tooth (with standard abutment) 599
Custom zirconium abutment 159


Aesthetic prosthetics and filling

Service Price, €
Ceramic laminate (depending on complexity and quantity) 499-699
Tooth wax-up 29
Aesthetic filling from 150


Surgical treatment

Service Price, €
Oral surgery consultation 39
Tooth extraction 59
Removal of a loose tooth 39
Complex removal of a permanent or wisdom tooth 99
Extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth 119-149
Exposure of an unerupted tooth 149-249
Removal of a deciduous tooth 19-39
Removal of an implant 159
Placement of a fistula (after tooth extraction) into the sinus 89
Clinical crown lengthening 129
Cystectomy from the bone (without root resection) 99-199
Cystectomy with root resection and retrograde filling (1 tooth) 299
Removal of small exostoses 99
Removal of large exostoses 249
Removal of minor salivary gland cysts 119-249
Tongue flap plastic surgery 89
Lip flap plastic surgery 99
Plastic surgery of the oral vestibule 149
Histological examination of the removed formation in the laboratory 49
Closed sinus lift surgery 199
Open sinus lift surgery 999
Creation of fixed gingiva at the implant (transpalatal – 1 day) 249
Bone restoration at the implant with substitute materials 299-999
Bone restoration with (autogenous) bone graft 1099-1499
Surgical suture placement 9
Treatment of alveolitis, pericoronitis 19
Incision 29
Healing care and suture removal 19


Root canal treatment

Service Price, €
Consultation of a doctor endodontist 39
Diagnosis using a microscope 49
Urgent endodontic aid 59
Tooth canal cleaning and filling. (Depending on the amount of canals) 149-419
Retreatment of the tooth canal. (Depending on what teeth and how many canals) 169-439
Calcium Hydroxide change 1 canal 29
Diagnosis and treatment of perforation 69-99
Removal of a fractured instrument or post from tooth canal 99-139
Superficial deep pulptomy 149


Children dental treatment


Service Price, €
Primary tooth filling
small filling 45
large filling 55
Primary tooth filling and root canal treatment 69
Primary tooth removal 19-39
Introducing the clinic to the child 19
Preventive examination, school certificate 15
Individual hygiene training 15
Professional oral hygiene for children 45
Sealing the tooth 15


Removable prosthodontics (dentures)

Service Price, €
Removable partial denture 349
Removable full single-jaw denture 399
Aesthetic removable denture (1-3 teeth) 139
Arch support prosthesis 879
Denture correction (tooth placement, hook insertion, etc.) 59
Individual spoon 29
Wax roller 19


Temporary prosthetics

Service Price, €
Temporary crown made at the office 39
Temporary crown made at the laboratory 59
Temporary crown on implant (with abutment) 129


Other prosthetic work


Service Price, €
Glass fiber post 99
Tooth waxing 29
Removal of old crown 19-49
Tooth cementation 19-39
Alginate impression 9
Silicone impression 19
Bite register 9
Diagnostic models 19
Protective (bruxism) splint 159