Dental implantation

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Dental implantation is a procedure designed to restore missing teeth, their shape and functionality by using implant as an artificial root.

When is this treatment necessary?

We recommend reaching out to the clinic regarding this procedure if you have lost one or more teeth, suspect that your tooth no longer functions properly or has been irreversibly damaged.

Why get this treatment at the Madentis clinic?

Competent doctors working at the clinic use modern treatment technologies and methods, these are selected in consideration of the patient’s needs. The use of superior quality implants and the careful work of the dentists ensure that the implants are accepted by the body without complications.

What will happen if you delay the treatment?

  • When a tooth is gone, the jaw bone loss begins, the face changes, the wrinkles become more noticeable, the cheeks get sunken, and so the person looks older.

  • Absence of tooth may cause difficulty eating, and poorly chewed food may cause gastrointestinal problems.

  • The loss of one or multiple teeth may trouble pronouncing certain words.

  • When talking, you may experience unpleasant sensations such as whistling or involuntary spitting.


Dental implantation

Service Price, €
Doctor’s consultation regarding implantation 29
Implantation with Osstem implant 599
Implantation with Strauman implant 699-749
Placement of healing abutment after implant integration 59
Production and placement of the custom healing abutment (planned during the consultation) 249
Bone augmentation (depending on size and complexity) 999-1499
Soft tissue augmentation (depending on size and complexity) 149-399
Sinus lift surgery (depending on size and complexity) 799-999



How much in advance should I schedule an appointment?

You should schedule a dentist appointment as soon as you experience pain or other discomforting symptoms. If the pain is severe, call immediately: we will find time on the same day. For preventive examinations and oral hygiene, schedule 1-2 appointments a year at a time convenient for you.

What determines the price?

The price of treatment is specified after assessment of the condition of the teeth. We always discuss alternative treatments and implements in advance, so the patient can choose and decide .

Are your services covered by a warranty period?

The dentists working in the clinic are skilled and competent; they take great care to ensure that the patient feels as good as possible after dental treatment. We give warranties too.

Is it convenient to come to the clinic and park a car?

Going to your appointment, you don’t want to worry about availability of parking space or travel in general. Car and public transport are both convenient for reaching the clinic, and you can find a parking space in the “green” parking area next to the clinic.