Dentistry clinic Madentis has been established in 2021. It is located in Vilnius city centre, at Sporto g. 12-107.

The experienced specialists working at the clinic continuously improve their skills. They believe in the importance of healthy teeth and beautiful smile for overall well-being of any person. We provide professional treatment and care through knowledge, skill, latest technologies, and open and sincere communication with our patients.

We greet all patients with a smile and a good mood, which we maintain throughout the visit. With smooth service and pleasant communication, we encourage people not to be afraid of dentists and not to delay visits.

Our aim is to provide top quality services and teach patients the essential oral hygiene skills. At the clinic we provide all major dental services.

Rasa Jasūdienė

Founder of the clinic, dentist

1997-2002 Kaunas University of Medicine, diploma in general dentistry

2002-2003 primary dental residency at Vilnius Lukiškės Polyclinic.
2003-2007 UAB Boras
2003-2014 Lithuanian Olympic Sports Centre
2007-2018 Mažoji Užupio klinika
2018-2021 Šypsenos akademija

The founder of the clinic, Rasa Jasūdienė, a dentist with many years of experience in dental prosthetics and implants as well as aesthetic prosthetics and dental treatment, says:

„I always wanted to be a doctor. Since my childhood, beauty, aesthetics and a healthy and active lifestyle have been important. Dentistry seemed to be a field that combines the ability to help people – to treat and to create beauty. In my work, I particularly value respect for the patient, communication, the ability to listen and hear the patient’s wishes and expectations. It is very motivating when our patients smile. It is a pleasure to see how their lives change after the restoration of correct dental function or simply to see their confidence coming back after aesthetic restorations. The greatest appreciation of our work is when patients bring their family and friends – when they recommend us.
I specialise in aesthetic and functional dental restorations through prosthetics and fillings, dental implants. I am also interested in restoration and prevention of tooth wear.”

Dainora Jankauskaitė

Dainora Jankauskaitė

Dentist-oral surgeon

2018 Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Dentistry

2018 – 2021 VULŽK residency studies, acquired qualification of oral surgeon
2019-02 to present Oral surgeon at VULŽK Consultation Clinic
2018-06 to present Dentist at VULŽK Emergency Dental Clinic
2019-11 to present Oral surgeon at Dantų harmonija
2020-09 to 2021-05 Oral surgeon at Riešės odontologija
2019-02 – 2019-04 Oral surgeon at Šeškinė polyclinic
2018-06 – 2018-10 Dentist at the dental clinic Odontologijos paslaugų centras
2017-09 – 2018-05 Philips Sonicare consultant for individual oral hygiene care products.

Dentist-oral surgeon Dainora Jankauskaitė says:

„Surgical interventions are scary and uncomfortable for many people, but my knowledge and personal qualities help me convey the essence of the procedure to the patient, to choose the most appropriate individual treatment plan for each person, to reassure the patients and to allow them not to feel discomfort in the dental chair. Empathy, concentration and trust are key to working well together.”

The doctor performs extraction of impacted teeth with complex anatomy, implants, restoration of bone defects and sinus lift surgery, bone cyst removal, root resection, clinical crown lengthening, lip and tongue flap surgery.

Greta Rakauskė

Greta Rakauskė


2013-2018m. Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Dentistry
Dentist license OPL-05214

2022-04 Madentis
2020-10 – present: Dental Clinic Balta Lapė
2020-02 – present: Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry of Eglė Urbutinė
2018-09 to 2020-07 Dental Clinic Medicus dentum
2018-07 – 2021-01 Baltic Implantology Centre

Dentist Greta Rakauskė says:

„Dentistry is a field where I can combine my personal qualities – diligence, creativity and the desire to improve. I am pleased that with today’s technology it is possible to create a natural-looking and beautiful smile, improving the health of the patients. I strive to restore each tooth to the way it was created by nature, following the principles of biomimetics. This is why I work differently every time, creating a smile that is unique and suited to the individual patient. That is the greatest motivation – to see the patients leave the clinic with a wider smile than when they came in.”

Jurgita Jokubauskienė

Jurgita Jokubauskienė

Oral surgeon

2016 – 2019 Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Dentistry, residency studies, programme Oral Surgery
2010 – 2015 Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, Lithuanian Academy of Medical Sciences, Master of Dentistry

2022 – present: Oral surgeon, Adadent Clinic
2022 – present: Oral surgeon, City-dent Clinic
2022 – present: Oral surgeon, Oradenta Clinic
2019 – present: Oral surgeon, Vilnius University Hospital Žalgiris clinic, Consultation clinic
2019 – 2022 Oral surgeon, UAB Sanum medicale, Euromed clinic in Vilnius
2016 – 2019 Resident Oral Surgeon, Vilnius University Hospital Žalgiris Clinic, Department of Maxillofacial Surgery II
2015-09 – 2016-09 Dentist, Karoliniškės Polyclinic, Dental Department.
2015-07 – 2017- 03 Dentist, Vilnius City Clinical Hospital, Antakalnis Polyclinic, Department of Dentistry
2014-11 – 2015-04 Doctor intern, Public Institution Gelgaudiškis Dispensary, dental office, volunteering
2015-02 – 2015-04 Doctor intern, Public Institution Raudondvaris Dispensary, dental office, volunteering
2015-04 – 2015-07 Intern, Vilnius City Clinical Hospital, Antakalnis Branch, Dental Department, volunteering
2014-08 – 2014-09 Intern, University of Health Sciences Hospital, Kaunas Clinics, Clinic of Maxillofacial Surgery, volunteering

Oral surgeon Jurgita Jokubauskaitė says:

„Every day I meet people who are scared or nervous about procedures that are necessary for their health, so my daily goal is to have a minimally painful, fast and accurate surgical procedure.
Another important task for me is to continuously improve and provide treatment using new scientifically and practically proven techniques. I graduated in dentistry in 2015, my work at the university clinic and my regular participation in advanced training courses and conferences help me stay on top of new developments.”

Dominyka Juodpalytė

Dominyka Juodpalytė

Doctor‘s assistant

Studying dentistry at Vilnius University since 2018

One year of experience assisting various dentists

Doctor’s assistant Dominyka Juodpalytė says:

„It’s great to have the opportunity to get to know the specifics of the work before becoming a dentist, to observe the work of excellent specialists, and to get to know the needs of patients and help them feel as comfortable and cosy as possible in the dentist’s office. I am delighted to be part of such a caring, cool and, above all, always smiling team.”

Gendvilė Briedytė Umbražiūnė

Gendvilė Briedytė Umbražiūnė

Oral hygienist, doctor's assistant

2022 the professional qualification of an oral hygienist was obtained at Utena College
2014 – the dentist’s assistant course was completed at the Competence Centre for Health Care and Pharmaceutical Specialists
2012 – qualification of public health specialist – dietician at Vilnius College
Development courses/seminars:
2022 – „Enamel defect removal indications” ICON system
2022 – BAED courses „Teeth whitening with different systems”
2022 – BAED courses „Fundamentals of Microinvasive Treatment”
2022 – The art of Perio – Implant maintenance
2021 – Annual LBHD conference „The future belongs to us”
2019 – „Oral health care of the disabled and persons with special needs”

2021 – present: Madentis
2018-2019 Northway Medical Center
2014 – 2018 Mažoji Užupio klinika

Doctor’s assistant Gendvilė Briedytė Umbražiūnė says:

„Professional oral hygiene is the first and most important step in maintaining good oral health. As for an oral hygienist, the most gratifying part of my work is the result achieved through joint efforts with the patient. It feels great to change our patients’ attitude and understanding of their dental care and help them smile even wider.”

Kristina Juškevičienė

Kristina Juškevičienė

Oral hygienist

Professional qualification as an oral hygienist obtained in 2017 at Klaipėda State College

2021 „Basic tricks in conservative periodontology and success”
2021 „Periodontology today: talking about innovations and forgotten old statements”
2020 „Microsurgical protocol in the hygienist’s practice”
2019 Conference on the 20th anniversary of the Lithuanian Society of Oral Hygienists
2019 International Conference of the Lithuanian Society of Periodontology
2019 Lecture on Effective Oral Care
2018 „Professional Oral Hygiene Topics 2018”
2018 „Ergonomics in the work of the oral hygienist”
2018 m. Current trends in periodontology

Oral hygienist Kristina Šventickytė says:

„One of the most important and my favourite parts of an oral hygienist’s job is communication with the patient and mutual cooperation. A beautiful, healthy smile is the result of cooperation. Regular professional oral hygiene is the simplest form of prevention. I perform oral hygiene with magnifying lenses and lighting, which enable me to ensure impeccable quality. I am constantly improving my skills through seminars and training, and I am interested in innovations and new products in dentistry.”

Ina Šilingova

Ina Šilingova

Doctor‘s assistant

2011 Vilnius College, Faculty of Health Care, Qualification as a general practice nurse. Specialisation in anaesthesia-intensive care.

2011–present: Santaros Clinics, Resuscitation-Intensive Care Unit
2022 – Madentis

Doctor’s assistant Ina says:

„My first acquaintance with Madentis clinic was as a patient, I needed dental treatment. The warmth, cosiness and smiling professionals encouraged me to try myself working as a dentist‘s assistant. I am proud to be part of this great team! „

Ieva Marija Sabaliauskaitė

Ieva Marija Sabaliauskaitė


„I am happy to work at Madentis clinic, to be part of a great team, to plan visits and to greet and see each person off with a smile. It is important for me that every person who enquires about a service or a visit receives the right information and the right help at the right time. I really appreciate the pleasant atmosphere at work and the opportunity to interact with people and express myself!”